Musa Jallow (left), the Retail Banking Director at Absa, and Sam Kiyaga, the head of alternate channels at Absa Uganda, during the launch of the new digital platform on Tuesday.

Absa Bank has launched a cardless withdrawal function on its Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs).

This will enable their customers to withdraw cash on any Absa ATMs using a QR Code scanned through the Absa mobile application on their smartphones.

Mr Musa Jallow, the Retail Banking Director at Absa, said their customers who use the Absa Mobile Banking App can now scan a QR code on ATMs across the country to initiate cash withdrawals without the need to have their ATM card.

“We are responding to the pandemic by reducing the touch points that have been known for spreading the virus,” Mr Jallow said at the launch of the service in Kampala on Tuesday, 14 December 2021.

He explained that Absa Uganda is always innovating and listening to their customers so that they understand their experiences.

“With the COVID-19 situation we had to find a way of reducing touch points,” Mr Jallow said.

“Over the years, customers have requested for digital capabilities, today we are here to deliver.  Absa Uganda introduced the first automated ATMs in Uganda and the use of noble FX, which enables transactions of money from one country to another,” he added.

Sam Kiyaga, the head of alternate channels at Absa Uganda, said the new digital solution will create flexibility and customer convenience.

“I am proud to say that Absa Uganda introduced the Contactless debit and today we are launching the first QR scan to withdraw money. This will make our customers like more flexible,” Kiyaga said.

“Imagine being able to use just your phone and not the ATM card. QR stands for quick response so you can expect a quick service with us,” he added.

Kiyaga also explained that the new app is safe and easy to use.

“Our app is very interactive and easy to use. Once you open it, you can choose which account to withdrawal from and how much to withdraw. For security you can use your fingerprint, log in details and answering the security questions,” Kiyaga said.

However, he explained that the new function will supplement the existing digital channels at Absa and not replace them.

“We are not taking away all other options. We are instead increasing the options and convenience for our customers,” Sam Kiyaga  said.