Centenary Bank Uganda in partnership with Mastercard have launched the Cente Platinum Mastercard, a credit card that they hope will ease customer access to purchases and other products.

Speaking at the launch in Kampala on Monday, 29 November 2021, the Centenary Bank Managing Director, Mr Fabian Kasi, said the Centenary platinum debit MasterCard that is not only going to drive more financial inclusion but also drive their digital banking agenda.

“Today, we are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Mastercard, a globally accepted digital payment solution to financial services customers across the world,” Mr Kasi said.

“Through this partnership, Our Bank’s premium customers will receive a number of benefits including; higher transaction limits, access to airport lounges and discounts for local and global online purchases, travel, and hotel services,” he added

Mr Kasi added that Mastercard boasts of the highest number of credit card users globally with close to 1 billion (926 million) users.

“This global presence makes it a preferred digital payment solution and partner that addresses the needs sought after by our consumers,” he said.

Victor Ndlovu, the Director of Country Business Development Lead, East Africa at MasterCard.

He added that this year, Centenary Bank was voted the Most Admired Ugandan Brand in the Financial Services Category.

“Today is yet another day that sets us on the course of delivering usurped services to our premium customers as we officially join a host of other internationally renowned brands that are working with Mastercard,” Mr Kasi added.

Mr. Victor Ndlovu, the Director of Country Business Development Lead, East Africa at MasterCard said: “Today we are celebrating this visionary launch of the CentePlatinumMasterCard for Centenary Bank, one of our largest partners with exceptional leadership and laser-sharp vision.”

Edith Kababure, the head of digital banking in her address at the launch of the Cente Platinum MasterCard said: “Our promise is that customers will get value for money on top of the unmatched convenience offered by the card. We have embedded higher transaction limits, as well as access to airport lounges all geared towards offering an exclusive lifestyle as you travel around the world. “