A farmers dries coffee. PHOTO/COURTESY

Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) has urged Arabica Coffee producers to submit samples of green coffee for a cupping competition scheduled for 16th September 2021.

UCDA in partnership with The British High Commission Kampala and The Ugandan High Commission London will host a cross-country coffee competition simultaneously in a London high-end coffee shop and at UCDA’s office at the UMA showground, Lugogo.

According to UCDA, the competition will aim to bring greater attention to the best of Ugandan Specialty Arabica Coffee to some of the most important figures in the UK coffee sector including producers, buyers, trade associations, and influencers.

“The winners of the competition will have the opportunity to work with a company to develop their brand for the export market, with a view to being sold at a specialty coffee retailer in the UK,” UCDA says.

UCDA says the samples of green coffee for the competition should be representative of available stocks for buyers who may express interest.

“Participants should deliver samples and a filled-in sample form available on the UCDA website – www.ugandacoffee.go.ug to the Promotions Officer, Ms. Clare Rwakatogoro at the UCDA laboratory in the UMA Showgrounds, Lugogo by 30th August 2021,” it adds.

The competition comes as Uganda’s coffee exports continue to grow. Uganda’s coffee exports in June 2021 amounted to 618,388 60-kilo bags worth $ 58.56 million, the highest ever in a single month since 1991.

The UCDA monthly report for June 2021 shows that this comprised 565,449 bags of Robusta valued at $ 50.25 million and 52,939 bags of Arabica valued at $ 8.31 million.