On Wednesday, 19 July 2023 former UNBS ED Ebiru confessed to bribing the Chairperson and Board of UNBS with Shs100 million to avoid his pending suspension.

The National Standards Council (NSC) has appointed Mr Daniel Richard Makayi Nagalama as the Acting executive director of Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS).

Nagalama, who has been the deputy ED in charge of management and financial services, replaces Mr David Livingstone Ebiru who was last week sent on forced leave over allegations of corruption.

Nangalama previously worked with the Bureau as Audit Manager from 2013 to 2016. Before his appointment to this role, he was serving as the Chief Internal Auditor, Kyambogo University.

He holds a Master of Science Degree in Accounting & Finance; Post graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management; Certificate in Law (Administrative Officers course) and Bachelor of Commerce.

He has also received trainings in Quality Management Systems (QMS ISO 9001), Corporate Governance for directors and senior managers, Internet security and ethical hacking, Competence Based Job Evaluation, Public Finance Reforms among others. Professionally, he is a Certified Public Accountant (Uganda and Kenya), Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified ISO 31000 Risk Management Professional.

Mr Ebiru last week confessed to offering Shs100 million bribe to NSC Board members to retain his job.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Government has ordered for the arrest of Ebiru after he defied summons.

The Deputy IGG, Anne Twinomugisha, who issued the arrest warrant, said Ebiru refused to honour the summons Friday last week.

He has now ordered police to arrest him.

On Wednesday, 19 July 2023, Ebiru confessed to bribing the Chairperson and Board of UNBS with Shs100 million to avoid his pending suspension.

Ebiru’s confirmation came after the committee chairperson and Nakawa Division West MP, Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi, presented printed evidence indicating that Ebiru had written to Robert Mwanje, a council member, inquiring whether he had received part of the bribe.

Ssenyonyi read the message from the phone, which stated, “You remember how much I forked out to our colleagues for protection during the Inspector General of Government (IGG) issue, Shs100 million, I thought this would bind us to guard each other in the future but alas.”

The Chairperson of the Committee, Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi asked the Trade minister to explain if he was in charge of supervising UNBS, given reports of mismanagement of funds and corruption within the entity.

Ssenyonyi also tasked the minister to explain why he wrote a letter to Ebiru, suspending him for six months on 26 June 2023, but on 27 June 2023, he wrote another letter to the Chairperson of the UNBS Board rescinding his earlier decision.

He also tasked the Board Chairperson, Charles Musekuura to state why he was given the authority to suspend Ebiru but he didn’t.

Musekuura told the committee that Ebiru actually rejected the suspension.

Mwebesa on his part said that he was shocked to see Ebiru still in office yet he had suspended him.