Statistics computed by Salary Explorer, a career resources website,  show that Uganda is among the top 10 African countries with the highest average monthly salaries.

According to the stats published by Business Insider, Uganda is number 10 on the list, with the average salary of UGX 2,620,000 ($738) per month.

Also featuring on the list in East African countries is Kenya in number four, with an average monthly income of Sh147,000 ($1,291).

Morocco tops the list where the average monthly salary is DH19,400. When converted to the dollar, this would be approximately $2,031.

South Africa is in the second spot, with workers there earning ZAR31,100, which is approximately $2,026.

Tunisia is in third, with workers reported taking home an average salary of TND 3,910 which converts to $1,348.

Algeria is in fifth place where Algerians earn an average monthly salary of DZD180,000 which converts to $1,273.

Sixth is Namibia where workers earn an average salary of ND17,400 which converts to $1,168.

Botswana is in seventh where people working there earn an average salary of BWP11,700. That converted to approximately $1000 per month.

Nigeria is in eighth place where the average salary in Africa’s most populous and largest economy (by GDP) is N339,000 per month. When converted to the dollar, this would be $814.

Ghana comes in 9th where people working in Ghana earn an average salary of GHS5,070 which converted to $747.99.