SEACOM, a telecommunications service provider across Africa, has said it will take over some assets of Africell in Uganda.

Africell exited the Uganda market in 2021 after seven years of operations.

Tejpal Bedi, Managing Director and Regional Head of Sales for SEACOM ENEA, on Thursday, 10 February 2022, said the acquisition will mark the beginning of extension of their operations into East Africa.

“East Africa has been an important market for SEACOM ever since we first arrived on the shores of Mombasa in 2009,” explained Tejpal Bedi, Managing Director and Regional Head of Sales for SEACOM ENEA.

“By officially establishing ourselves in Uganda through proprietary facilities and resources, we are prioritising widespread connectivity and opening up opportunities to work with businesses in search of quality Internet services,” he added.

SEACOM recently acquired Kenyan service provider Hirani Telecom’s metro fibre network. SEACOM already controls 760 kilometres of fibre within the Ugandan capital city of Kampala and surrounding towns, and a 250 square metre data centre.

“The acquisition goes hand in hand with our five-year strategy into expanding operations in the region,” Tej added. “As such, we are very excited about having a greater local presence.”

The acquisition of established infrastructure will allow for further expansion into East Africa, enabling SEACOM to provide seamless integration of its services for clients across Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, and decreasing the reliance on third-party last mile providers to deliver connectivity solutions