Members of E-Trade Association at a press conference in Kampala on Monday.

The E-Trade Association, an umbrella organisation for companies such as Jumia, SafeBoda and Glovo that use the Internet in Uganda, has called for the lifting of the boda boda ban after 6pm.

The curfew on boda boda operations has remained in place despite the President reopening the economy. The 7pm curfew will also be lifted on January 24 but the one on boda boda will remain.

But the E-Trade Association of Uganda says the boda boda ban will affect mobility and economic recovery.

“There are no jobs in this country and the boda boda industry has tried to dissolve unemployment among the youth,” Ricky Rapa Thomson, SafeBoda co-founder and director, said at a press conference in Kampala on Monday, 17 January 2022.

“Bodas transport so many types of people such as officers, students, business people among others as well as commodities.  Let the government help and listen to our cry. After agriculture, boda boda is the second most employing sector We can’t leave these people working at less capacity. We believe Uganda is our country, we seek the fairness,” he added.

Mr Issa Sekito, the spokesperson of Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA), said: “It is a lie that you have opened the economy and the Boda bodas are still under curfew restriction. Boda boda has a very big hand in this country’s business.  You can’t open the economy and leave bodas out,”

“We propose that we cooperate with security agencies to uproot the wrong elements in the boda-boda industry, instead of eliminating the entire industry. Additionally when someone wants to go somewhere or even to board a car, it’s easier for them to get a boda and it takes them to the bus. How will these people travel at night if not with bodas?” he added.

Mr Wekesa Amos said it’s not right for the government to make decisions without consulting the private Sector.

“Government must make decisions when they have properly consulted the private sector,“ he added.

Nazira Moosa from Foods Beverage Association stressed that we should create a Uganda that favours everyone at all levels at not certain groups of people