Mr Deo Kayemba has been elected the chairman of the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA).

Mr Kayemba, who is the Proprietor and Managing Director of East African Roofing Systems, a steel manufacturing company, replaces, Ms Barbara Mulwana.

He was elected during the 2021 annual general members meeting held on Thursday, 02 December 2021.

In his remarks, Kayemba said that he will continue engaging with the government to address key concerns of industrialists such as the cost of financing and power in the country.

Kayemba takes over from Barbara Mulwana

“Our priority now is to help members overcome the challenges precipitated by the pandemic. We will try to find new markets for members that have been disrupted,” he said.

Kayemba noted that more efforts are still needed to support smaller industries to thrive and create much-needed jobs.

“Support does not only mean in terms of money. There are issues such as the tax rates and some policies that hinder growth in the manufacturing sector,” he added.

Mulwana said the goal of the association remains the same; improving the business environment for all manufacturers.

“What we need as a country is more jobs. I believe strengthening the manufacturing sector is key. We still have some taxes that we feel should be brought down. Our strategy has always been engaging with the tax authority on these matters,” she said.