Minister Muhwezi during the signing of the car trackers deal

Parliament is to examine the agreement between Uganda and Global Security JSC, a Russian company that was awarded a 10-year contract to install digital monitoring systems in all motorcycles and vehicles in Uganda.

This follows a motion by Tororo Woman MP Sarah Opendi who said that there is need to scrutinize the contract that Government signed with the Russian company because previously the Government has entered into agreements, some of which have turned out to be controversial and difficult to implement.

Although the company was facing bankruptcy at the time when Uganda entered into a contract with it, the case was terminated on November 22 after the company paid the debt it owed LLC-Rus Prom-Technologies.

Making her comments during plenary on Tuesday, 30 November 2021, Opendi said Parliament needs to know the details of the contracts so as to ensure value for money and that this can only happen with a committee probe.

“We have had various contracts where Government has been involved, and at the end of the day a lot of resources are wasted and instead it is the taxpayer to foot the bill,” Opendi said.

She said Parliament should also look at the issues of the extra costs Ugandans are supposed to incur because of the installation of the tracking devices and where possible lookout for how this can be funded.

“We have already paid for number plates, taxes and telling us to acquire new number plates and meeting extra costs for Ugandans is worrisome; that is why I have brought this motion,” Opendi added.

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga, while commenting on the motion said that there is no debate about the need for security in the country.

“We probably are not taking this to the key vulnerable areas of our security and a well-considered discussion in the committee and debate in the entire House will give a settlement and advise the government on the best way of dealing with matters of our security without using underhand methods that can result into huge costs for the country,” he said.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, referred the motion to the Committee of Physical Infrastructure and the Committee of Defense and Internal Affairs.

“Two committees because they are security matters and there’s the issue of works,” she said. Among asked members to reserve their comments on the matter until the committee submits its report.