Qualicel Bus Terminal Shopping Arcade in Kampala. PHOTO/COURTESY

Several shopping arcades, malls and taxi parks in Kampala’s Central Business District have heightened their security vigilance following terror attacks on Tuesday.

Many of the shopping centres have deployed security personnel to check all persons accessing the buildings and taxi parks together with their belongings. Access is restricted for those with heavy luggage.

Mustafa Nsereko, the secretary for security in the New Taxi Park, says that they have blocked all, except three of the entrances to the park for both vehicles and passengers.

He added that they have also increased security presence at the entrances that remained operational.

Entrances have also been closed off at the Usafi market, while in Namayiba bus park, there are more than two guards deployed on each of the entrances.

However, there were no visible security measures in the St Balikuddembe market, also known as Owino, Nakasero market and Kikuubo lane.

A zone leader in St Balikuddembe market who was only identified as Sseremba said the market administration held a meeting earlier in the day and resolved to work with police to deploy non uniformed officers and deploy guards on each of the entrances to the market.

KACITA deputy spokesperson Denis Jjemba Mulondo fears that the damage of such attacks would be devastating if terrorists attack congested areas like arcades and open markets.

There are more than 200 arcades spread across the various streets in Kampala. Each of the arcades which are built close to each other are occupied by thousands of traders and also attract buyers in multitudes on a daily basis. But many of them have lax security measures with free entry and exit and no security checks.