Travellers wait for Covid test results at Entebbe airport on Wednesday.

Hundreds of travellers at Entebbe International Airport have expressed frustration at delays after the government took over the mandatory testing for COVID-19 for everyone entering the country.

Several people on Wednesday and Thursday took to social media to vent their anger at what they called a bureaucratic procedure of the testing.

Some incoming travellers said they have spent close to 24 hours waiting for COVID-19 test results. Many said they slept at the Airport on Wednesday night

Nada Andersen, one of the travellers, said: “Totally unacceptable crowding at Entebbe Airport. Finally someone shouting at the crowd to disperse.”

Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the Ministry of Health spokesman, acknowledged the delays.

“We are working around the clock to address the delays in the testing processes at the Entebbe International Airport. The mandatory COVID-19 testing for all in-coming travellers started today morning. We welcome all the feedback and challenges are being fixed,” he said.

Travellers wait for results at Entebbe airport on Wednesday.

President Museveni last week commissioned the testing facilities at Entebbe International Airport as government took over the process of the mandatory Covid-19 testing for all travellers entering the country through the airport.

All travellers will be charged $30 for the test. According to government officials, the turnaround time for the mandatory Covid test results will be reduced from four hours to two hours and 15 minutes with five PCR test machines with capacity to test 300 samples per hour put in place at Entebbe International Airport