The Finance Permanent Secretary, Mr Ramathan Ggoobi, addresses journalists recently.

The Ministry of Finance has released Shs5.811.08 trillion as government of Uganda expenditure for the second quarter of the current financial year 2021/2022.

The Finance Permanent Secretary, Mr Ramathan Ggoobi, while announcing the release on Wednesday, 20 October 2021, said this represents 25.5% of approved national budget excluding external financing, appropriation in aid and public debt.

Of the released funds, Shs437.10 billion will go towards governance and revenue Collection.

A total of Shs254.9 billion has been allocated as funding support to SMEs and capitalisation of Uganda Development Bank. URA takes Shs82.1 billion while National Citizenship and Immigration Control has been allocated Shs28.9 billion.

Judiciary, Legislature, EC and Missions abroad have been allocated Shs256.8 billion.

Parliament has been given Shs140 billion, Judiciary – Shs74 billion and Electoral Commission Shs37.4 billion.

Under infrastructure, the key releases were made to UNRA (Shs303 billion), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (Shs 68.81 billion), Ministry of Works and Transport (Shs43 billion) and Ministry of Water and Environment (Shs170 billion).

Health Institutions and Social Protection have received Shs294.69 billion.

 The funding is mainly to cater for National Medical Stores Shs120.73 billion, including essential medicines, Ministry of Health Shs50.20 billion; Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development Shs42.45 billion including SAGE (Shs32.73 billion) while referral Hospitals have been given Shs34.8 billion.

Agriculture and Industries have been allocated a total of Shs184.75 billion. The funding is mainly to cater for: MAAIF (36.4 billion), Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives (35.6 billion). NAADs Ushs 31.43 billion;  Uganda Coffee Development Authority – Ushs22.8 billion, NARO – Ushs22.1 billion and NAGRIC – Ushs 19.8 billion.