Display of Skin Guard Products that will be given out for free to 1,200 shoppers who place orders on the KikubOOnline Platform. COURTESY PHOTO

Movit Products has announced a partnership with Kikuuboonline where Movit customers will access MPL products on the KikuubOOnline store. This was revealed at KikuubOOnline Offices in Ntinda industrial area on Jul 27th.

The partnership is aimed at enhancing e-commerce adoption by the market through extending affordable and convenient avenues for MPL customers to purchase products anywhere at any time via KikuubOOnline.

Speaking about the partnership, Caroline Remi, Senior Manager Market Operations at Movit Products said: “Our partnership with Kikuuboonline comes at a time when there is steady growth of the e-commerce platform where Kikuuboonline operates, an enabling platform for us to have more avenues where our customers can access our products at anytime and anywhere. The partnership will deliver Skin Guard hand sanitizer for free to up 1,200 shoppers who place orders on the Kikuboonline platform starting on 27th July 2021.”

She added: “Convenience and value for money is what customers usually look out for as they purchase products and consume the services, this has required us to create invest in diverse channels where our clients can access the products as and when they need them, and with the partnership with KikuubOOnline and enhancement of innovative approaches, I believe we are on the right path of creating the appropriate consumption environment for our customers across the country and beyond.”

A Uganda Communication Commissions (UCC) Quarterly Market Performance Report reveals that on the African continent, the enhanced travel restrictions have seen unprecedented adoption and penetration of mobile financial services. At the end of the first quarter of 2021, the total mobile money accounts on the continent had grown to 562 Million translating into a penetration of 40 lines per 100 inhabitants.

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Paul Muyobo, Marketing Manager at KikubOOnline noted that, “We are pleased to have formed this partnership with Movit Products, given the heritage and dominance that the brand holds in the cosmetics and sanitary care space.”

“E-commerce being on the steady rise, it is key that we incorporate innovative approaches to our service delivery. This will be made possible if we extend services that not only offer convenience to purchase a product, but have the products delivered right at your door step like what KikubOOnline does,” remarked Muyobo.

“We look forward to a long-standing mutually valuable relation with Movit, as we both grow the e-commerce space while serving our customers across the country,” Mr. Muyobo concluded.

Movit customers can purchase products on Kikuboonline, raging form the Body Care, Haircare and Skincare products.