Left to right: Jessica Alupo has been appointed Vice President, Robinah Nabbanja Prime Minister and Rebecca Kadaga First Deputy Prime Minister.

The long-awaited Cabinet was released on the evening of Tuesday, June 8, 2021, springing up a few surprises.

The surprises included Jessica Alupo for Vice President and outgoing junior Health State Minister for General Duties Robinah Nabbanja for prime minister.

While many paid attention to the surprises, ours was drawn to the size. The new Cabinet has over 80 ministers, both full and state ministers, the highest number ever. This was after the NRM parliamentary caucus endorsed the President’s proposal to increase the number of ministers.

This means President Museveni’s new Cabinet is one of the largest in the world.

Uganda, a least Developed Country desperately seeking to join the league of middle-income countries such as Ghana and others on the continent, however, has more ministers than high-income nations – the big brothers like US, Japan and Germany. Even with higher per-capita incomes and far higher tax bases, developed nations have less than 20 cabinet ministers each.

Dr Kisekka Ntale, a political analyst, in an earlier interview, warned that expenditure on a bloated Cabinet would have far-reaching implications on the economy.

“President is grappling with a delicate balance between politics and economics, but if we must talk about middle-income status, production must be principal,” Dr Ntale said.

 “A big Cabinet is going to have a big impact on the wage bill and the public administration bill. It’s going to negatively impact on the planned investments and quality of service delivery in the country,” he added.

The cost

Available figures show that a Cabinet minister who is also a Member of Parliament earns about Shs25 million monthly and the one who is an ex-officio earns about Shs18 million.

President Museveni also has about 100 advisers who are collectively paid Shs230 million every month, excluding allowances. The number of MPs also increased from 386 to now 428 MPs in the 10th Parliament as a result of the creation of new districts, counties and municipalities. The total wage bill of the Office of the President, which also covers 112 RDCs and their deputies, stands at Shs702.2 million a month, adding up to more than Shs8 billion annually. This is in addition to nearly 300 presidential advisers, presidential assistants and presidential secretaries.

“The President is trying to make citizens happy and he is doing this in the realm of stability, consensus building in total disregard of the dangers to the economy. These are just political settlements responding to some pressure but they are not adding anything on the economy. It’s a dilemma because production is going to be affected,” Dr Ntale warmed.

Mr Godber Tumushabe, the associate director of Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies, says that an oversize Cabinet and a growing Executive bureaucracy built around the Office of the President and State House, is the single most important threat to governance and efforts to eradicate poverty and achieve economic transformation in Uganda today.

To retired Supreme Court judge George Kanyeihamba, the essence of appointing a new Cabinet is not so much about service delivery, but to reward loyalists to ensure “regime survival”, adding that the more Cabinet changes, the more it remains the same.

“The President has rewarded his supporters and it’s obvious he was not thinking about development, not even sharing the national cake,” Prof Kanyeihamba said in an earlier interview.

“What I served was a Cabinet of principled individuals who agreed to serve under Mr Museveni but advise him on matters of national interest. What we see today is a hotchpotch of cadres whose main purpose is to appease the appointing authority,” he added.

Dr Salie K. Simba, a senior lecturer of political science at Makerere University, also shared the same views in an earlier interview.

“I am in for a thin government. An effective Cabinet should have only 40 ministers, including state ministers. With decentralisation, you need 80 ministers for what? This has increased the cost of public administration at the expense of social services,” he said.

Full Cabinet list

1.    H.E. The Vice President   ─     Jessica Alupo; (Maj.Rtd)

2.    Rt. Hon. Prime Minister And Leader Of Government Business In Parliament    ─  Robinah Nabbanja.       

3.    1st Deputy Prime Minister And Minister For East African Community Affairs ─ Rebecca Kadaga

4.    2nd Deputy Prime Minister  & Deputy Leader of Gov’t Business in Parliament    ─ Hon.Gen. Moses Ali;      

5.    3rd Deputy Prime Minister And Minister Without Port-Folio ─  Lukia Nakadama.               

6.    Minister Of Education And  Sports ─   Museveni Janet Kataaha.  

7.    Minister, Office Of The President (Presidency) ─     Mariam Dhoka Babalanda

8.    Minister, Office Of The President (Security) ─     Jim Muhweezi.

9.    Minister, Office Of The President Serviced By The State House Comptroller, In Charge Of Science, Technology And Innovation  ─   Dr. Musenero Monica.

10.    Minister For Kampala Capital City And Metropolitan Affairs ─  Hajat Misi Kabanda

11.    Minister, Office Of The Prime Minister (General Duties) ─  Rt.Hon.Kasule Lumumba   

12.    Government Chief Whip     ─     Tayebwa Thomas.

13.    Minister, Office Of The Prime Minister (Relief, Disaster Preparedness & Refugees)  ─     Onek Hilary.               

14.    Minister for Karamoja Affairs    ─    Maria Goretti 

15.    Minister Of Agriculture, Animal   Industry And Fisheries   ─   Frank Tumwebaze.

16.    Attorney-General       ─    Kiryowa Kiwanuka.

17.    Minister Of Defence And Veterans Affairs ─   Vincent Ssempijja Bamulangaki.

18.    Minister Of Energy And Minerals Development ─   Ruth Nankabirwa.

19.    Minister Of Finance, Planning And Economic Development    ─  Matia   Kasaija.

20.    Minister of Foreign Affairs  ─     Jeje Odongo.                 

21.    Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development  ─     Betty Amongi.

22.    Minister of Health      ─     Dr. Jane Aceng.

23.    Minister of Information,   Communications Technology And National Guidance  ─    Dr. Chris  Baryomunsi.

24.    Minister of Internal Affairs    ─   Kahinda Otafire

25.    Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs  ─ Vacant

26.    Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development   ─   Judith     Nabakoba.

27.    Minister of Local Government    ─     Raphael  Magyezi.    

28.    Minister Of Public Service    ─     Muruuli  Mukasa.

29.    Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities ─    Hon. Tom Butime.

30.    Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives   ─     Francis Mwebesa.

31.    Minister of Water and Environment   ─    Cheptoris  Mangusho. 

32.    Minister of Works and  Transport    ─    Gen. Katumba Wamala.


Office of the President:

1.    Minister of State, Office of the President (Economic Monitoring)    ─     Peter Ogwang          

2.    Minister of State, Office of the President (Ethics and Integrity)  ─    Akello Rose.

Office of the Vice President:

3.    Minister of State, Office of the Vice President  ─   Mutasingwa Diana Nankunda.
Office of the Prime Minister:

4.    Minister of State, Office of  The Prime Minister (Relief, Disaster Preparedness and
Refugees)   ─   Anyakun Esther Davinia.

5.    Minister of State, Office of   The Prime Minster (Northern Uganda)   ─   Kwiyucwiny Grace Freedom.

6.    Minister of State, Office of the  Prime Minister (Karamoja)    ─     Agnes Nandutu.        

7.    Minister of State, Office of the Prime Minister (Luwero Triangle – Rwenzori Region)  ─  Alice Kaboyo.

8.    Minister of State, Office of the  Prime Minister (Bunyoro Affairs)  ─   Namuyangu Kacha Jennifer. 

9.    Minister of State, Office of the Prime Minister (Teso Affairs)     ─   Dr. Ongalo- Obote.

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries

10.    Minister of State for Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (Agriculture)    ─   Kyakulaga Fred Bwiino.               

11.    Minister of State for Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries  (Animal Industry)  ─ Hon. Rwamirama Bright.

12.    Minister of State for Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (Fisheries) ─   Adoa Hellen.

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs:

13.    Deputy Attorney General        ─     Kafuuzi Jackson.

Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs

14.    Minister of State for Defence And Veteran Affairs (Defence)   ─     Oboth Oboth Jacob Markson. 

15.    Minister of State for Defence And Veteran Affairs (Veteran Affairs) ─    Oleru Huda.

Ministry of East African Affairs

16.    Minister of State for  East African Affairs     ─    Magode Ikuya.

Ministry of Education and Sports

17.    Minister Of State For Education   And Sports (Higher Education)   ─     Dr. Muyingo  John Chrysostom.

18.    Minister Of State For Education  And Sports (Primary Education)    ─     Dr. Moriku Joyce Kaducu.

19.    Minister Of State For Education   And Sports (Sports)  ─     Obua Denis Hamson.

Ministry of Energy and Minerals Development:

20.    Minister of State for Energy and Minerals Development (Energy)  ─     Okasai Sidronius Opolot.

21.    Minister Of State For Energy And Minerals Development (Minerals) ─     Peter Lokeris.

Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development:

22.    Minister of State for Finance Planning and Economic  Development (General Duties)   ─     Henry Musaasizi.

23.    Minister Of State For Finance,   Planning And Economic  Development (Planning)  ─     Amos   Lugoloobi.

24.    Minister Of State For Finance,   Planning And Economic Development (Privatization And Investment) ─     Anite Evelyn.        

25.    Minister Of State For Finance,     Planning And Economic  Development (Micro-Finance)  ─     Kyeyune Haruna Kasolo.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

26.    Minister of State for Foreign  Affairs (International Affairs)  ─     Oryemokello

27.    Minister Of State For Foreign  Affairs (Regional Affairs)     ─     Jonh Mulimba.                 

Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development:

28.    Minister of State for Gender,  Labour and Social Development (Gender and Culture)    ─     Peace Mutuuzo.            

29.    Minister Of State For Gender,   Labour And Social Development  
(Youth And Children Affairs)     ─     Nyirabashitsi   Sarah Mateke.          

30.    Minister Of State For Gender,  Labour And Social Development (Employment And Industrial  Relations)    ─     Okello Engola.                    

31.    Minister Of State For Gender,   Labour And Social Development (Disability Affairs)  ─     Hellen Asamo.

32.    Minister Of State For Gender  Labour And Social Development  (Elderly Affairs)  ─     Gidudu Mafaabi.

Ministry of Health:

33.    Minister of State for Health   (General Duties)    ─     Bangirana  Kawoya.

34.    Minister Of State For Health  (Primary Health Care) ─     Margaret Muhaanga            

Ministry of Information Communication Technology and National Guidance:

35.    Minister of State for Information Communication Technology and  National Guidance  ─     Joyce  Ssebugwawo.

Ministry Of Internal Affairs:

36.    Minister Of State For  Internal Affairs   ─    Gen. David Muhoozi.   

Ministry of Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs:

37.    Minister of State for Kampala   Capital City and  Metropolitan ─     Kabuye  Kyofatogabye;      

Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development:

38.    Minister of State for Lands,  Housing and Urban Development (Housing)    ─   Namuganza Persis. 

39.    Minister Of State For Lands, Housing And Urban Development (Urban Development)    ─     Obiga Kania.                     

40.    Minister Of State For Lands,  Housing And Urban Development (Lands)    ─     Sam Mayanja.                

Ministry of Local Government:

41.    Minister of State for   Local Government   ─    Victoria Rusoke.
Ministry Of Public Service:

42.    Minister Of State For  Public Service    ─     Grace Mary  Mugasa

Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities:

43.    Minister of State for Tourism,  Wildlife and Antiquities ─     Martin Mugarra                        
Ministry Of Trade, Industry And Cooperatives:

44.    Minister Of State For    Trade,  Industry And Cooperatives (Cooperatives)    ─ Gume  Fredrick Ngobi.            

45.    Minister Of State For Trade,   Industry And Cooperatives (Industry)  ─     Bahati David.

46.    Minister Of State For Trade,    Industry And Cooperatives         
    (Trade)    ─     Harriet Ntabaazi.

Ministry of Water and Environment:

47.    Minister of State for Water and Environment (Environment)    Beatrice Anywar

48.    Minister Of State For Water   And Environment (Water)   ─     Aisha Sekkindi      
Ministry Of Works And Transport:

49.    Minister Of State For Works And Transport (Works) ─     Musa Echweru.           

50.    Minister Of State For Works    ─     Byamukama Fred.
And Transport (Transport)                            


Rt. Hon. Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda – Special Envoy For Special Duties, Office Of The President


1.    Hon. Amelia Kyambadde –         Senior Presidential Advisor – Industries

2.    Hon. Betty Kamya         –     Senior Presidential Advisor – Lands

3.    Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu    –    Senior Presidential Advisor – Economic 
And Manifesto Implementation

4.    Hon. Sarah Kanyike        –    Senior Presidential Advisor – Kampala

5.    Gen. Elly Tumwine        –    Senior Presidential Advisor – Security


1.     Richard Todwong    –    Secretary-General NRM

2.     Rose Namayanja        –    Deputy Secretary-General NRM

3.     Oundo Nekesa        –    National Treasurer  NRM